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Fire Water Mold Storm

When your business is responding to disaster, time is money and guess work is expensive.

With every hour that goes by, the price of doing business goes up. For every extra person on-site, or lack thereof, your project can go overbudget – costing your clients big money and making you look incapable. That’s why it’s important for each restoration project to be planned right the first time. The Work Quotient Matrix Key allows you to gather an accurate estimate for the number of man hours required to finish your project. This estimating tool was designed based off of data gathered for thousands of projects in the field! This will save your client time and cost, allowing your projects to be more profitable.

Easy to Use

After gaining access to the WQM Key, simply choose the restoration criteria from the drop down menu and you’ll see your work quotient sum update in real time. Fill in the square footage and days required to finish the project and you will be able to see how many workers you need to finish the job on time and on budget.


Disaster doesn’t choose to strike at convenient times. You shouldn’t have to wait to get back to the office to estimate your project. By then, another company could have secured the project. WQM Key is versatile and can be used in the office on a computer in the office and in the field using a phone or tablet.


The cost of disaster restoration can be your worst enemy. In order to stay profitable, your estimates need to be exact so you can stay on time and within budget. For a low, one-time cost of you will add reassurance and consistency to your estimation process with the WQM Key, saving you thousands of dollars in time and money for every project.